Meet the Executive and Creative Team

Having worked for Sundance Film Festival and other prominent businesses around New York, Nantucket, and Park City, the Brand P Media team brings years of experience and expertise across a wide background of events and brand consulting work, with a particular focus on details and connection.

Lucien Alex Campbell (Alex) is the owner and driving force behind a family of businesses with an underlying focus on service, relationships, and unparalleled execution.

Richard Flemmings (Richie), based in New York, brings 20 years of brand consulting and a VIP event experience to the Brand P Media team. 

David Hunter, based in Salt Lake City, brings 18 years of event management and production experience to the Brand P Media team.

Markus Andersen, based in Park City, brings 4 years of VIP event experience to the Brand P Media team.

Claudia Powell started her career in the hospitality industry in 1993 as a Business Office Concierge at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.